The Obamacare war in South Carolina rages on

On the heels of a national survey of the uninsured that has potentially very good news for Obamacare, opponents of the law will hold a rally at the South Carolina Statehouse today.  They will call for legislation to nullify the federal law’s implementation in the state to protect South Carolinians from what State Senator Lee Bright calls the “horrors of Obamacare”.

Given his actually knowledge of how Obamacare works and the benefits, the Senator’s last name is very ironic.  Just yesterday it was announced that 24,000 South Carolinians, most of whom had been uninsured, have voluntarily signed up for the “horrors of Obamacare”.    Surely we must save them from having affordable health insurance.

The national survey released last week shows that there are plenty more uninsured across the country who with the proper information will also be seeking the “horrors of Obamacare”.  The survey found that 70% of the “uninsured adults have not yet been to their online ACA (Obamacare) marketplace.”  The primary reason—they don’t think they can afford insurance.  In fact 69% of the uninsured don’t know about the federal premium subsidy that will make insurance affordable for them.

Clearly the Obamacare haters have been successful in poisoning the well of knowledge about the law and its benefits.  Supporters of Obamacare and its successful implementation are working very hard to correct this problem and get most of the uninsured enrolled before the March 31st deadline…a deadline that 81% of the uninsured don’t know about either.


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