Health law helping small business

April 4, 2012

By Frank Knapp Jr.


Health law helping small businesses

I agree with Ben Homeyer’s comment that “our health-care system is broken” (“Business can help craft better health law,”March 26). However, I do not agree with his negative opinion of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

On behalf of the small businesses in my organization, I worked with members of Congress to make sure that the health-care reform did not mandate that small businesses with fewer than 50 employees (97 percent of all businesses in our state) had to offer health insurance. In addition, we secured for the first time health-insurance tax credits for small businesses with fewer than 25 employees, which makes health insurance more affordable for them.

Even Mr. Homeyer’s National Federation of Independent Business member Mike Roach of Portland, Oregon, sees the value of Obamacare. A CNBC report quotes Mr. Roach saying: “The fact of the matter is the new law has already started helping us. We’ll likely get more than $7,000 back this year from the small business tax credits.”


President & CEO

S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce Columbia

via Press | South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

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