PSC hears arguments on electric rate hike

Published in The State

November 5, 2004

Opponents to SCE&G’s proposed 3.56 percent increase in electric rates argued their views to the S.C. Public Service Commission Monday. Among them:

* Acting S.C. consumer advocate Elliott Elam, who spoke against consumers’ picking up the tab for SCE&G’s new energy plant in Jasper County.

* Frank Knapp, Jr., chief executive of the S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce, who said the commission’s staff rushed to judegement without all the facts in reaching a tentativ agreement with SCE&G before the hearing.

* Attorney Farnk Ellerbe III, who said his client, Columbia Energy, is concerned about potential harm to a “fair and open competitive wholesale market” if the cost of running SCE&G’s new Jasper County plant is borne by the ratepayers.

The rate hearing is expected to continue through Friday.


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