Say goodbye to expensive deductibles and co-pays. Say hello to affordable healthcare.

New Membership Benefit

Even with the Affordable Care Act, which should make health insurance more affordable, you will still have to pay deductibles and co-pays every time you go to a doctor or hospital.

The average American family with insurance will continue every year to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for these deductibles and co-pays.  Unfortunately, these out-of-pocket costs often keep people from getting medical treatment when they don’t have the money.   And if you are presently uninsured, you probably already are not getting the medical care you need due to cost.

That’s why the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce is offering a new benefits to our members called HouseCalls24/7TM

HouseCalls24/7TM allows you to access a physician in South Carolina for affordable medical care any time via your phone or email for only $10 a month for an individual and $13 a month for a family regardless of health conditions, age or smoking status.

For most health problems, you no longer will need to drive to a doctor’s office and wait for hours with other sick patients.  With HouseCalls24/7TM the doctor is always in and waiting for you, usually with only a 15 minute wait.

No more taking your child to the expensive urgent care or emergency room at night or weekends for most health issues.  With HouseCalls24/7TM your child can stay comfortably in bed and your late night rides to find a doctor are over.

With HouseCalls24/7TM you have access to affordable physician care and information when you need it most – NOW!

You still need health insurance for the major health problems and when the need for a visit to the doctor or hospital is obvious.  But adding HouseCalls24/7TM to your health insurance plan will save you money and time. If you presently don’t have health insurance,HouseCalls24/7TM is definitely for you.

Click here for more information on this popular service and the best rates anywhere in the state exclusively through the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

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