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The U.S. House is scheduled to begin debate today on repealing health care reform (Affordable Care Act) that will result in a $4 billion tax increase on small businesses. These businesses are now receiving or will receive tax credits for offering health insurance to employees. A final vote is scheduled for January 12th.

Over 53,000 South Carolina small businesses are now eligible for the health insurance tax credits. Small businesses here and across the country are now offering health insurance because of these credits according to major insurance carriers.

We cannot turn back the clock on healthcare reform that is finally making health insurance more affordable for small businesses.

For more of the small business benefits of the Affordable Care Act, click here. To see how the Affordable Care Act will help our economy in general, click here. Besides the harm to small business, here is more information as to how repealing the Affordable Care Act will affect South Carolians.

Contact South Carolina U.S. Representatives now through next Wednesday with this toll free number to the U.S. Capital switchboard — 1-866-922-4970*. Simply ask the operator for your House member’s office. Or you can email or fax your message directly to the offices (see S.C. members’ contact information below).

Here is the message:

Please vote NO on repealing or undermining the Affordable Care Act.

1. Repealing healthcare reform (Affordable Care Act) is a job killer because it is a $4 billion tax increase on small businesses currently using and soon to be using the health insurance tax credits. These small businesses will have to lay off workers to continue to afford the health insurance because of the tax increase if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

2. The Affordable Care Act does not require small businesses to offer health insurance and does not create any new taxes on small businesses.

3. Repealing the Affordable Care Act was not a voter mandate. Only 17 percent of voters in November nationwide mentioned health care as one of the issues affecting their vote. The economy was the dominant issue.

U.S. Representatives                                                                   Fax Number
from South Carolina

Rep. Tim Scott (R – 01)                                                           202-225-3407

Rep. Joe Wilson (R – 02)                                                         202-225-2455

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R – 03)                                                        202-225-3216

Rep.Trey Gowdy (R – 04)                                                        202-226-1177

Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R – 05)                                                   202-225-0464

Rep. James E. Clyburn (D – 06)                                                202-225-2313

You can also sign onto a letter to the entire U.S. House here.

*Courtesy of Families USA

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