SC awards small business grants. Did you receive one?

If you received one of these South Carolina grants (see below), please let us know how it will help your business.

However, if you applied for one of these grants and did not receive one, please let us know your thoughts.

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December 31, 2021

SC says grants are on the way for 2,970 businesses and nonprofits

By Andrew Brown

Almost 3,000 small businesses and nonprofit organizations in South Carolina will begin receiving a combined $65 million in emergency grants starting in January, the state said Thursday.

The funding is being distributed as part of two programs that were set up by the S.C. Legislature to assist businesses and nonprofits that were set back by the coronavirus pandemic.

The money for those initiatives, known as the Minority and Small Business Relief Grant Program or the Nonprofit Relief Grant Program, was provided by the federal government as part of a $1.9 billion payment that Congress gave to South Carolina under the CARES Act in March.

The General Assembly approved the $65 million allocation in September.

The small businesses and nonprofits that applied by the Nov. 1 deadline and were accepted into the programs will see their funding arrive in January. That timing was the result of delays in processing the large number of applications that were received by the S.C. Department of Administration.

The grants for small businesses and minority businesses were capped at $25,000, and the funding for nonprofits in the state were capped at $50,000.

In total, 2,284 companies will split the $40 million state lawmakers set aside for small businesses. And another 686 nonprofits will split the $25 million the Legislature dedicated for them.

The list of eligible small businesses includes bars, gyms, nail salons, pizza shops, carriage tour companies, tent rental businesses and even web development firms.

Meanwhile, the nonprofits include churches, charities, art museums, youth groups and domestic abuse centers.

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