SC Small Biz Chamber Partners for Crowd-Funding Option

August 3, 2013
Derry London

Columbia, SC (WLTX) — The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce has joined with an online “crowd-funding” portal.

The Mission Markets online crowd-funding portal, part of the American Sustainable Business Council (,) called “Invest In A New Economy” will give in-state businesses and non-profits potential financial resources via online donors.

The portal, available here: ( will allow South Carolina businesses the option to seek capital funding through crowd-funding donations, a trend that’s become very popular over the last 2 years as a source to fund things like medically necessary operations, life-goals, or personal missions.

Financing options are also available to businesses through private placements with financiers looking to invest in small businesses for an equity position.

Businesses or non-profit business enterprises will need to complete an application process (,) including a $100 application fee, and will then automatically provide them with membership in the SC Small Business Chamber.

SC Small Business Chamber President Frank Knapp said “by offering small businesses access to equity from accredited investors, and donation-based crowd financing, we are helping local communities to thrive in a socially responsible manner.”

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