SC Small Business Chamber leads ASBN’s Business for Democracy May 3rd Webinar





April 25, 2023

Our May 3rd, 3PM ET, ASBN Business for Democracy working group webinar led by SC Small Business Chamber president/CEO Frank Knapp will feature the Campaign Manager and Chief of Staff for Rep. Mary Peltola (D-AK). Anton McParland has hands-on experience with ranked choice voting, how it works, and its impact on elections.

Rep. Peltola was elected in 2022 in Alaska’s ranked choice voting election system that it uses for all elections.  Alaska and Maine are the only two states that use ranked choice voting in local, state and federal elections.

Anton will be addressing the following:

–How does the Top 4 RCV model Alaska uses work?
–Did voters view RCV as complicated?
–How many recalculations in Rep. Peltola’s election were necessary to get a majority winner?
–How has RCV impacted Rep. Peltola’s relationship with her constituents (especially the ones who did not vote for her) and the Alaska media?
–Have any of Rep. Peltola’s Congressional colleagues expressed interest in RCV in their states?
–What is the future of RCV in Alaska?

The SC Small Business Chamber is supporting ranked choice voting to democratize our election system for a stronger democracy.   Learn more  here and support the cause of democracy.

Please register for this very informative webinar HERE.

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We look forward to seeing you on May 3rd at 3PM ET.

Frank Knapp

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