Seen that Snazzy Napper video yet?

Heard of the Snazzy Napper?

Picking up where last year’s Snuggie craze left off, this product — out of neighboring metro Atlanta, GA — is poised to become this holiday season’s white elephant Christmas party gift of choice. It’s tearing up word-of-mouth channels online, particularly Facebook…

…And of course, YouTube:

Why on earth would the no-nonsense, non-profit South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce post something so…well…fluffy?

Coming up on our nation’s pro-labor vacation day, we just had to ask ourselves, “Why not?”

Meanwhile, for you small business owners who will most likely be putting in a few (or a lot of) hours on Labor Day, here are a few of the biggest, most influential business technology news sites on the web, just in case you haven’t checked them out yet. There’s always an article, round-up, top 5 list, or news piece that applies directly to the needs of the South Carolina small business.

Should the mood strike, add these to your browser bookmarks, Facebook friends, Twitter follows, and the like:

The business portal
Mike’s List

…and take a gander at this excellent list of 2010’s Top 140 tech experts to follow on Twitter:

Because small business can think big.

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