Senate throws small businesses under the bus….again

Tuesday evening the South Carolina Senate, after considerable debate, voted to amend an immigration reform bill to require all businesses, small and big, to only use E-Verify when hiring an employee. This would mean that no longer can a business simply use a driver’s license or other state approved document to indicate a person’s immigration status.

The S.C. Small Business Chamber opposes this provision (see Tuesday’s blog) as too burdensome for many small businesses and will actually encourage breaking the law (which can result in a business license being revoked).

Fortunately, there is an effort in the House, being led by Representatives Mac Toole and Mike Anthony, to have the House non-concur with the Senate provision. This would put the bill into a conference committee where we hope to work out an alternative, more small-business friendly position on the issue. The House will probably take up the bill next Tuesday.

Thanks to all for your calls and emails in support of our efforts.

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