Senate video worth watching

Momentum is building in the U.S. Senate for change in the filibuster rules. 

If you remember at the start of the current session Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to allow a vote on significantly changing the filibuster rules.  The Senate has become dysfunctional with nothing really getting done due to the abuse of the present rules that allow the minority to control the Senate.  It is so easy to block any movement on bills and even nominations that the country’s important issues are not being addressed effectively.

This frustration boiled over recently at a Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works that met to consider the nomination of Gina McCarthy for EPA Administrator.  All the Republican members of the Committee boycotted the meeting so that no action could be taken. 

Watch the fireworks for yourself at the link below.  Advance to the 27 minute and 40 second mark when the meeting begins.  It is well worth watching and when you are done call Senator Reid’s office at 1-866-736-7343 and demand the Senate reform its filibuster rules.

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