Settlement with Duke Energy close

Yesterday the SC Office of Regulatory Staff filed a proposed settlement between Duke Energy and most of the parties that have intervened in the rate case.  You can read the “stipulation”here.

The settlement is not a done deal and could fall apart.  But it shows the importance of being involved in the regulatory process to advocate for your constituents.  While several business organizations have appeared at the recent public hearings in Spartanburg, Greenville and Anderson to sing the praises of Duke’s philanthropy and providing of energy instead of voicing objection to a 14% rate hike on their members, the Small Business Chamber has been the advocate solely for the small businesses of the state in opposing the rate hike. 

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber is in agreement with the stipulation as long as the details, most of which are not evident in the document, come to fruition as discussed in the negotiations.  The small businesses in Duke’s service area will be very pleased if this comes to fruition.

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