Small Business Chamber offers advice on health care plans

Published August 29, 2011 in ABC News

The SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce is working to make healthcare more affordable for business owners.

On Monday a chamber panel, featuring CEO Frank Knapp, held a question and answer session on Johns Island for businesses owners interested in a new healthcare plan offered by the state.

Knapp says the new plan that went into effect Monday will cut down costs.

“We hope it is more competitive, of better value, and makes it more affordable for small businesses to offer health insurance to their employees,” Knapp said.

“The biggest problem small businesses have had is the affordability of health insurance. We are working to provide another alternative than the existing health insurance programs out there for small businesses.”

On Tuesday morning the chamber will hold another question and answer session. That session is free and includes breakfast. It is from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the ILA Union Hall.

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