Small business delivers again

While the latest job numbers released today aren’t as good as they were earlier this year, the country is still adding private sector jobs.  And small businesses are once again leading the way.
According to the ADP National Employment Report businesses with 1-49 employees accounted for 48.7% of the new jobs.  That compares to businesses with 500 or more employees creating only 3.3% of the new jobs in April. 
We’ve been outperforming big businesses in job creation all year.  In March small 1-49 employee businesses created 47.8% of the new jobs compared to only 10.9% for the over 499 employee crowd.  In February it was 50% to 9.3% and in January it was 56% to less than 2%.
Come on U.S. Chamber.   Quit the phony whining about taxes and regulations and get your big boys investing in jobs in this country instead of hiring K Street lobbyists.
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