Small business saving money on health care

There are at least 228,000 small business owners in the country happy about “Obamacare”.  That is the numbers who have so far claimed the health insurance tax credit for small businesses that offer the benefit to their employees for 2010. 
How much did these businesses save?  $278 million.
Unfortunately, the number of small businesses helped is lower than expected and the IRS plans to find out why.  It could be a lack of awareness, tax professionals not pursuing the credits, business data not readily available or some other barrier. 
Or it could be that the opponents of healthcare reform have poisoned the water so badly that many small business owners won’t drink it even it is beneficial to them. 
It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy for the likes of the NFIB.  They blanket the media and their members with how bad healthcare reform is so that small business owners are convinced that they should stay away from it.  Then when not more small business owners take advantage of the tax credits the NFIB can say “we told you so—Obamacare isn’t good for small business. “
Now all the NFIB has to do is convince the 228,000 and growing number of small business owners that the more affordable health insurance that they’re getting is actually bad for them.  Good luck.
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