Small businesses are not supporting SC Energy Security Act in the House

For Immediate Release
March 27, 2024

Below is a statement of Frank Knapp Jr., president, CEO and co-founder of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, regarding House Bill 5118, the South Carolina Energy Security Act, which is on the SC House calendar.


Yesterday I read a story about the SC Chamber of Commerce calling for the passage of H.5118, the SC Energy Security Act.

In that story Bob Morgan, the president and CEO, is quoted as calling for the House to pass H.5118 saying that “businesses around the state are asking them to do just that.”

The SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of nearly 469 thousand South Carolina businesses with fewer than 20 employees, which is 97% if all businesses in the state.

We do not support H.5118 for numerous reasons.  We do not believe it is in the best interest of small businesses and all consumers.

Since 2002, either I or the SC Small Business Chamber has intervened in 10 utility rate cases involving Duke Energy, Duke Energy Progress, Dominion Energy or the defunct SCE&G.  We have currently filed to intervene in the current electric rate hike request of Duke Energy.

Not once has the SC Chamber intervened over the past 22 years to oppose any electric or gas rate hike proposed by these companies.

While some large businesses around the state might be supporting H.5118, small businesses are not.



Frank Knapp

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