Small business concern about regulations drops by 50%

With House Republicans set to launch another year of attacks on government regulations in the name of small businesses, it’s nice to see reports on what small businesses really want Congress to do.

J.D. Harrison of The Washington Post published comments from small business owners on what they would like to see Congress do in 2014.  There is not a mention of regulations.

But maybe Mr. Harrison simply ignored all the comments from small business owners that would confirm that regulations are the number one concern of small businesses.   A Wells Fargo/Gallup poll of small businesses conducted this past October answers that question.

When asked to name the most important challenge facing small-business owners today, only 7 percent mentioned government regulations and that number appears to be going down.  In December of 2011 the American Sustainable Business Council had a national small business poll conducted and at that time 14% said that government regulations were their most important problem.

Yet, the majority party in the U.S. House will be taking vote after vote this year on legislation to stop different government regulations.  And they will be telling the media and public that they are only doing what small business wants.  Don’t believe them.  They are doing the bidding of their big business campaign contributors.

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