Charleston Post and Courier
November 15, 2015

Congressman Mark Sanford

“Some of the loudest voices for drilling have been from representatives or others who live a long way from the area,” he said. “It’s neat to have an opinion 200 miles from the coast about something that’s going to happen on the coast.”

“The local perspective has to matter,” he said. “There’s a clear demarcation of people saying we don’t want it. … She (Governor Haley) needs to listen carefully to what folks are saying. What will happen here will long outlast her term as governor and impact the way the coast grows and develops.”

Congressman Tom Rice

“My title is representative,” he said. “I’m supposed to represent the people and if they don’t want it, I don’t want it.”

“Everybody was saying ‘drill, drill, drill’ when we were producing 30 percent of our domestic consumption and oil was about $100 a barrel,” he said. “Now we’re producing double that in domestic consumption, and oil is at $40 a barrel and dropping. … When you say ‘drill, drill, drill’ that was based on facts as they were understood at the time and things have changed.”

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