Survey: Small Businesses Want Trump to Concede Election and the GSA to Facilitate a Transfer of Power to Avoid Harming the Economy

National survey of more than 1,000 small business owners finds 62% believe the GSA Administrator should give Biden access to resources needed for transition; 250 members of the Leadership Now Project echoed this belief in a letter to GSA Administrator Emily Murphy, urging her to move the transition process forward

Washington, D.C., Nov. 20, 2020—Small Business for America’s Future today released a national survey of small business owners that finds they overwhelmingly believe President Trump should concede the election and the  General Services Administration should give President-Elect Joe Biden full access to transition resources. In addition, members of the Leadership Now Project—a consortium of 250 business and thought leaders taking action to protect democracy—issued a letter to GSA Administrator Emily Murphy, urging her to move the transition process forward.

The business owners in the survey and the letter are very concerned that if Trump does not provide full transition resources to the incoming Biden administration, it could harm national security and the economy.

“Small businesses are struggling right now and they don’t need political theater,” said Shaundell Newsome, Small Business for America’s Future co-chair and owner of Sumnu Marketing in Las Vegas. “It’s clear that Joe Biden has been democratically elected and that any further interference in the peaceful transfer of power will only harm our economy. It’s time for GSA Administrator Emily Murphy to begin the transition process, and then we can move on to what’s most important: helping small businesses survive a once-in-a-generation economic crisis.”

The survey of small business owners in Small Business for America’s Future’s network was fielded from Nov. 13-18 with 1,113 respondents. The survey found:

  • 63% believe President Trump should accept the election results and concede
  • 73% believe President Trump should be actively participating in a peaceful transition of power
  • 62% believe the General Services Administration Administrator Emily Murphy should give the incoming Biden transition team access to resources needed for transition
  • 61% believe if President Trump continues to deny access to transition resources, it will harm America’s economy and national security

Larger businesses share these same concerns. Today, more than 250 business leaders and academics—members of the Leadership Now Project— sent a letter to Murphy stating that “We need a transition that enables American businesses to have the confidence they need to bolster a strong economic recovery.”

“Stability and democracy are essential to a thriving economy. Businesses large and small need certainty about the future, to put our country and our economy back to work. It is imperative that the GSA begin the transition of power so we can provide small businesses and the American people with the resources, plans and leadership they deserve,” said Daniella Ballou-Aares, CEO and co-founder of the Leadership Now Project.

“Small business owners don’t need yet another crisis in 2020. We are already dealing with an out-of-control pandemic, racial upheaval and a struggling economy,” said Kesi Howard, the Founder and CEO of Structured Strategies in Pittsburgh, PA. “We can’t also handle a crisis in presidential leadership or damaging delays caused by the president’s fight against valid election votes. The delay in the presidential transition process is damaging for small business because we need to know what’s coming so we can prepare.”

Business leaders across the spectrum are raising their voices on this issue. The US Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, Business Roundtable, and International Franchise Association have all recently spoken to the integrity of the election and called for the GSA Administrator to begin the transition process.

Click on these links  to view the full report, the letter and a video of the press conference releasing the survey results and letter featuring business leaders discussing the issue.

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