repatriation tax holiday

Amnesty for corporate tax dodgers or jobs?

Which will the GOP Presidential candidate choose during tonight’s debate–amnesty for coporate tax dodgers or jobs?  Based on Monday’s Palmetto Freedom Forum in Columbia, the answer is sure to be amnesty for corporate tax dodgers.   The GOP candidates have all proclaimed that the way to create jobs is to offer U.S.-based multinational corporations amnesty for […]

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No help for small business

At yesterday’s Palmetto Freedom Forum in Columbia, SC, the candidate who will never be President, New Gingrich, made the most important observation about the economy.  He said that if we don’t put in place an effective action now (not when he’s President in 2014), we are in danger of going back to a severe recession. The

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Whose Stimulus?

The below is an editorial from the New York Times.———————————————————————————– The NY TimesJune 26, 2011 Whose Stimulus? Big businesses are telling Washington that they are willing to do their bit for the economy — if the price is right. Multinational companies say they could repatriate hundreds of billions in foreign profits and pump them into domestic

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