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Missed opportunity to fight obesity

The first negative consequence of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley joining fifteen other states in opting out of a state-run health insurance exchange under Obamacare has surfaced. Haley’s Department of Health and Environmental Control has made fighting obesity in South Carolina a number one priority.  The director of the agency has formed a state obesity […]

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Workers’ compensation insurance needs more work

More of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce state legislative agenda: Our successful efforts on workers’ compensation have led to stabilization and even a reduction in rates in South Carolina.  Whether it is our legislative victories in re-regulating the workers’ compensation insurance companies or our significant Administrative Law Court success in reducing proposed

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What healthcare needs–competition

The South Carolina General Assembly comes back into session today.  Over the next several days I’ll be discussing the Small Business Chamber’s state legislative agenda. No issue has consumed as much time and energy for us than the issue of health insurance.  We’ve made great progress toward helping make health insurance more affordable for small

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Triple the impact of your holiday dollar$

With the holiday season fast approaching and customers getting ready to open up their wallets, this is really the time to remember your SC locally-owned small businesses. Please join us in our “BuySC” nonprofit action campaign. Surveys continue to show that communities with programs encouraging buying from locally-owned businesses improve the sales for those businesses

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