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Tea Party conflicted?

Today the U.S. House is to vote on extending the payroll tax cut for working Americans and extending the federal unemployment benefits.  Both are important measures to keep the nation’s economic momentum going.  Unfortunately, instead of paying for these efforts by a slight surtax on incomes over $1 million as proposed by Senate Democrats and

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Party loyalty & political fear wins, small business loses…again

The S.C. House voted 69 to 43 along party lines with one exception yesterday to force every small business in the state to only use E-Verify when hiring a worker to prove immigration status. Starting in 2012, regardless of a small business’s ability to access the internet, employers in the state are now required to

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Amazon’s tantrum

Last week legislation was introduced in both the South Carolina House and Senate to exempt Amazon.com from collecting sales tax on sales to South Carolina residents from its proposed distribution center in Lexington County. The bills have an uphill fight. My earlier blogs lay out the arguments against the Amazon deal:April 5th–Selling Small Businesses down the

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Federal health insurance exchange for SC

Tea Party saber rattling is making S.C. House Republicans jump ship on supporting legislation (H.3738) creating a health insurance exchange in our state. The Tea Party calls in “Obamacare” because an exchange in each state is part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ideal exchange would be an online, transparent, competitive, consumer-friendly marketplace where

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Open the door to debate

Let me join the growing chorus of voices calling for a return to civility in all our forms of expression. From those that profit from verbally promoting violence (talk show hosts and politicians) to those citizens who seek political change (tea party folks and bloggers)—stop the incendiary screaming laced with violent language. Not only will

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We didn’t vote for this

The opinion editorial below ran on the Huffington Post and The Hill yesterday.————————————————————————————————- We Didn’t Vote for This by Frank Knapp, Jr. Whether Americans voted for Republicans or Democrats in the mid-term election, one thing is clear: Voters were demanding that Congress focus intensively on job creation on Main Street — not lobbyists and campaign

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