Tim Scott

God made them do it

Please call South Carolina Congressmen Jeff Duncan, Tim Scott and Mick Mulvaney and tell them that God did not tell them to oppose Speaker Boehner’s deficit reduction plan, Senator Reid’s plan or anything dealing with the fiscal integrity of our country. These gentlemen need to quit hiding behind God for their partisan decisions. I am […]

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SC GOP House members attack small businesses

In case you missed Wednesday afternoon’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives, all five of our Republican members cast a vote that would result in either small businesses losing health insurance tax credits or forcing them to change health insurance plans.  H.R. 3 passed largely along party lines. All of these elected leaders—Joe Wilson,

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D.C. trip review

 Frank Knapp with Danny Herrera, Media Matters  My trip to D.C. this week was very successful. I participated in a Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference panel discussion sponsored by the American Sustainable Business Council on small business and good jobs, met my friends at Media Matters, and talked about the threat of corporate money

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