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An email on healthcare reform for the Supreme Court and public

If the GOP conservatives were distraught over the last few days because Mitt Romney selected Michael Leavitt (a supporter of parts of Obamacare) to head his transition team should he win in November, then they will be in full buyer’s remorse after reading today’s story in the Wall Street Journal. Calling for the full repeal […]

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We need customers

The Census Bureau reported yesterday that the United States now has 46.2 million people living below the poverty line—up 2.6 million people since last year.  Median household incomes fell below 1997 levels.  No wonder the biggest threat to small business is the lack of customers, not taxes or regulations.  Last week I told you about

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SBA under attack

When the federal government was bailing out big banks, Wall Street’s corporate America, Fannie and Freddie; one important federal financial program stayed solvent—the Small Business Administration.  The SBA’s primary job is simply to encourage private financial institutions to make small business loans that they might otherwise not do.  The SBA accomplishes this by guaranteeing up

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