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The fiscal showdown over the Bush-era tax cuts continues in Congress… and defenders of extra cuts for the top-tiers of incomes continue using lip service to small business as their leading excuse for opposing the tax cuts for the middle class.

That’s not right. And, if the middle class tax cuts aren’t renewed, that will be bad for the economy – and especially bad for smaller businesses that rely on middle-class spending. 

Will you take a minute or two to post on social media your support for small business in this fight?

It’s time to put a stop to this small business identity theft. It’s time for small business owners to speak for themselves. And it’s time for Congress to listen to Main Street and do what’s right for small businesses: end the extra Bush tax cuts for the top-end of incomes while extending lower rates for 98 percent of families and 97 percent of small businesses.

On July 25, the U.S. Senate passed the Middle Class Tax Cut Act (S. 3412) to do just that.  Now the House of Representatives, led by Speaker John Boehner, needs to act.

On Wednesday, small business owners across the country will join in a national day of online action on Facebook and Twitter, calling on the House to get the job done and using the hashtags #my2k, #smallbiz, and #asbcouncil. Can you join us?

 Here are some sample tweets you can use:

              More than 600 business leaders call for end of Bush tax cuts for the highest incomes 

              #asbcouncil urlm.in/puhi

              Majority small biz owners support ending tax cuts on highest incomes #asbcouncil urlm.in/puhj

              Small business needs customers, not tax cuts. 

              Small business needs investment on Main Street, not tax cuts for Wall Street

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