Tell Congress to protect our small retailers

In 2011 the state sold out our small businesses and permitted Amazon not to collect sales tax from in-state purchases in exchange for the company building a distribution facility in Lexington County.  This allowed Amazon to continue to have an unfair competitive advantage over our small retailers.  That sales tax exemption runs out in 2016. 

But it’s not only Amazon that is not collecting state sales tax from South Carolinians making purchase online.  There are other companies doing the same and hiding behind federal law that says they don’t have to collect state sales tax if they don’t have a “presence” in the state.  They just keep on taking sales away from our small businesses because their prices are lower from not charging sales tax.

Please read the letter below and help send Congress a message to enable states to shut down this unlevel playing field that our small retailers face every day. 

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day.

Dear South Carolina,

Great news!  The Marketplace Fairness Act is set to be reintroduced today, February 14, in both the House and the Senate.  What a great Valentine’s Day present for hardworking small businesses.  We need to make sure Members of Congress, both new and old, know e-fairness is still an urgent priority for America’s small businesses and communities.

Please take a moment to send your Members of Congress an email urging them to ensure the Marketplace Fairness Act passes in 2013.

Inaction by Congress means online-only retailers will continue to receive a government-sanctioned tax advantage.  Our businesses, employees, and communities will pay the price.  While some states are starting to collect sales taxes from Amazon and other online retailers, only federal legislation will fully level the playing field.  

Send a message to Congress today: No more picking winners and losers.  Tell Congress to make 2013 the year all retailers are treated equally.

We’ve worked toward passage of federal e-fairness for a long time.  This is our chance to finally level the playing field for Main Street. 

We sincerely appreciate your hard work and continued support.  Please take a few minutes to reach out to your Members of Congress today.


The Alliance for Main Street Fairness

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