The American Rescue Plan

Dear Business Leader,

The Administration has revealed a sweeping new plan to help save our economy and help small businesses: The American Rescue Plan.

We need Congress to act quickly and pass it now.


In short, the American Rescue Plan will:

  • Provide $15 billion in grants to the hardest-hit small businesses
  • Leverage $35 billion for small business financing programs
  • Generate up to $175 billion in venture capital and low-interest loans for small businesses

Open up critical paths to access the capital that businesses need now


America’s 30 million small businesses are a crucial component of the nation’s economy. We cannot waste time in getting the economy back on track, and we believe that the American Rescue Plan meets the urgency of the moment and will save our struggling small businesses.

Please share this letter with business leaders, owners, organizations who can add their voice.

The Small Business for America’s Future Team

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