Unsure How Tax Reform Could Impact Your Small Business?


You’re not alone.

Congress has been working furiously to pass tax reform legislation by the end of the year. The proposals put forth by the House and Senate hold big changes to business tax rates—but with lawmakers introducing new proposals at lightning speed, how can small business owners keep up and understand what it all means for their bottom line?

A coalition of small businesses has come together to form Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform to give Main Street small business owners a voice during this process and to help entrepreneurs decipher what the proposals mean for them. Join Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform at a telephone town hall on Monday, Nov. 20 at 6:30pm ET/3:30 PT to hear from policy experts about what the latest proposals really mean for small business owners, have your questions answered, and learn how you can join this new coalition to make your voice heard during the tax reform debate.

Register here.



John Stanford
Coalition Director
Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform



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