USA winning the economic Olympics

Small businesses again led the way with 44.8% of the 163,000 new jobs creating in July according to the ADP National Employment Report.  Compared to the sluggish new job growth of 75,000 average per month from April to June, the new data is a welcome sign of a still growing economy.  The European “austerity” countries still mired with failing economies must be envious.

While our friends across the Atlantic bought into the “slash government spending” approach to climbing out of the Great Recession, the U.S. took the government stimulus approach (even though a weak one) to save and create jobs.  Our plan is working and theirs is not.

“This increase marks two-and-half years of positive job growth. According to our data, businesses across the country have restored nearly 4 million jobs during this period with an average of 131,000 new positions a month,” said Carlos A. Rodriguez, president and chief executive officer of ADP.

Our government stimulus plan is working.  Europe’s austerity plan is not.  Why are we still even having this discussion?

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