Want Healthier Workers? There is a No-Cost Way.

Businesses with fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees are not required to offer health insurance to workers.  However, the facts are clear that workers with insurance are healthier.  This results in fewer sick days and better productivity.

The owners of these small businesses who want healthier workers have a no-cost alternative to providing health insurance. Make sure your workers know about their personal responsibility to be insured, the premium assistance available to make individual insurance affordable and the $700 tax penalty for not having insurance.

Contact the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce before December 31st for free assistance to educate your employees and help them obtain individual health insurance.  Call us at 803-252-5733 or email us at brad@scsbc.org.

You deserve healthier, more productive employees without increasing your costs. One phone call or email can make that happen.  803-252-5733/brad@scsbc.org.

The Small Business Chamber is not selling insurance nor receiving any compensation when workers obtain health insurance.  This is a no-cost service to the small businesses in South Carolina.

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