Webinar: Affordable Care Act Benefits for Small Business

The Affordable Care Act signed into law two years ago this Friday continues to inspire controversy and misinformation for small-business owners.  What exactly are the benefits and requirements for small businesses will be addressed in a free webinar sponsored by the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce (SCSBCC).  The webinar will be held from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, Wednesday March 21st. 
Small-business owners are encouraged to participate in the webinar and hear from the SCSBCC President and CEO, Frank Knapp Jr., who will provide information on health insurance tax credits and an affordable high risk pool for people with pre-existing conditions.  Mr. Knapp will also discuss new features in the Affordable Care Act to be rolled out as well as proposed changes to the law. 
Joining Mr. Knapp will be Lee Long of Gibson & Associates, an independent insurance agency headquartered in Columbia.  Mr. Long will share information about a new small business health plan offered through the SCSBCC.   The health plan was created by Carolina Care Plan specifically for South Carolina small businesses.  The benefit-rich plan has proved to be very competitive offering up to double-digit reductions in premiums for many small businesses.
The webinar is free.  To register small businesses should contact Sheila Starkey at Sheila@scsbc.org to receive the link to the webinar.
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