What’s better than the Super Bowl? An award.

The highlight for most people this past weekend was the Super Bowl.  For me it was receiving the South Carolina Sierra Club’s Media Person of the Year award for my weekday talk-radio show. 
The Sierra Club has appreciated the opportunity to talk about conservation, the environment and alternative renewable energy on the air with me in a radio market not particularly friendly to its issues.  But for many years I and the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce have recognized the importance of these issues to the state and our economy.  My radio show has been an extension of those positions.
No general business organization in the state has been more supportive of efforts to fight against climate change than the Small Business Chamber.  We recognize the negative effects will impact our small business tourism economy severely.  We also see the potential of alternative energy in controlling energy costs and creating new small businesses. 
So thank you Sierra Club for the recognition.  The plaque is already on my wall.
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