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Let the Obmacare plague begin

Recently former South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, president of the Heritage Foundation, told an audience in Franklin, Tennessee, in reference to Obamacare, “Folks, we can’t allow this plague to come onto the American people.” Today the Kaiser Family Foundation released a study detailing exactly what will happen to the American people when the Obamacare […]

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Looking for an “oops”

July was officially the hottest month for the United State’s 48 contiguous states—3.3 degrees above the average.  Those high temperatures also contributed to the country’s warmest 12-month period every recorded. Jake Crouch of the National Climatic Data Center says that it’s more than just daytime highs that scientists are looking at.  He says that “we

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Access to Capital vote on TuesdayTell Graham and DeMint to do it the right way The U.S. Senate will vote tomorrow (March 20th) on legislation to create another path for small businesses to access capital.  The Small Business Chamber has supported the idea of allowing limited investments in small businesses with relatively low caps on

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Individual-Mandate Hypocrisy

Why aren’t conservatives complaining about this South Carolina insurance law? By Eliot Spitzer Slate Sept. 30, 2011 The “individual mandate” in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has provoked incredible enthusiasm among the act’s supporters and towering rage in its opponents. The obligation either to purchase insurance or to pay a fine whose proceeds would be

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GOP debate in Columbia

Of all the upcoming GOP Presidential debates, the most important will be the one today in Columbia, SC.  The national media isn’t even mentioning this 6-candidate event both mainly because it is not really a traditional debate.  But the difference is what makes it more important. Each candidate—Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachman, Ron Paul,

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