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Senate filibuster, Boehner and pics

Here are some reflections on two significant events in Washington last week concerning Senate productivity and Obamacare. The Senate voted to return some degree of democracy to that chamber.   Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid allowed a simple majority of the Senate to approve allowing Presidential nominations (other than for the Supreme Court) to be approved […]

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God made them do it

Please call South Carolina Congressmen Jeff Duncan, Tim Scott and Mick Mulvaney and tell them that God did not tell them to oppose Speaker Boehner’s deficit reduction plan, Senator Reid’s plan or anything dealing with the fiscal integrity of our country. These gentlemen need to quit hiding behind God for their partisan decisions. I am

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For the sake of small business “Repealers” should repent

As my friend Sue Berkowitz, Director of the S.C. Appleseed Legal Justice Center, said in an email, “What took them so long?” Sue was reacting to the news yesterday that the House Republicans will begin a floor debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act (the ACA is healthcare reform for those still looking for a

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Common Ground???

In his recent “60 Minutes” interview, incoming House Speaker John Boehner stated that he will refuse to “compromise” on his principles but is willing to find “common ground” on issues. So according to Speaker –in-waiting Boehner the $858 tax-cut package the Senate will pass shortly is “common ground” between Congressional Republicans, Democrats and President Obama. How

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