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Irish seeing red from missed green

When it was reported recently that Apple has avoided paying U.S. corporate income taxes on tens of billions of dollars by claiming the money really belonged to its Irish subsidiary, the hope was that Congress would use the revelation to seriously look at closing these tax loopholes used by multinational corporations.  But, of course, our […]

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T-1 to Austerity

Now we count down by the hour to the automatic across the board federal spending cuts and the negative impact on the economy.  Small businesses will be particularly hurt when money starts leaving Main Street. But don’t expect any sympathy from the U.S. Chamber for the plight of small business (even though it says that

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We’re Not Broke

The end of the fiscal cliff saga has launched the next drama in Washington over spending and revenue.  You are going to hear a lot about how the federal government must live within its means and thus programs ranging from defense to healthcare must be cut.  “We’re broke” many in congress have and will tell

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Military base closures and corporate taxes . . . time to connect the dots

States and communities in many areas of the country are gearing up to protect their military bases from closures expected.  The reason given for the closures is the need to reduce the nation’s defense budget by $600 billion to address the country’s debt problem. South Carolina has a Military Base Task Force that will try

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