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T-4 to Austerity

Obamacare haters are on the verge of finally having some success in stopping the implementation of the healthcare reform.  If the sequester’s automatic budget cuts go into effect this Friday, federal spending on three of the components of teh Affordable Care Act will be impacted. Less money will be available for establishing the health insurance […]

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Obamacare achieving its goal, slowly but surely

Small business owners are optimistic about their future says a recently released Bank of America survey.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that small business owners are concerned about losing qualified employees to larger businesses because of benefits.  According to the survey 18% said that providing competitive healthcare and retirement benefits is their

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Small business saving money on health care

There are at least 228,000 small business owners in the country happy about “Obamacare”.  That is the numbers who have so far claimed the health insurance tax credit for small businesses that offer the benefit to their employees for 2010.  How much did these businesses save?  $278 million. Unfortunately, the number of small businesses helped is

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SC GOP House members attack small businesses

In case you missed Wednesday afternoon’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives, all five of our Republican members cast a vote that would result in either small businesses losing health insurance tax credits or forcing them to change health insurance plans.  H.R. 3 passed largely along party lines. All of these elected leaders—Joe Wilson,

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NFIB malpractice

Soon we will find out how many small businesses in the country received health insurance tax credits for 2010—a benefit under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Small Business Majority estimated that there are approximately 4 million businesses with 2 to 24 employees that could qualify for the tax credits if they offered health insurance

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