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What Does it Take to Filibuster?

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on reforming its filibuster rules on January 22.  Here are 5 Senators that need to hear that you are tired of a dysfunctional body that doesn’t get anything done on the problems facing our country including promoting economic development.Senator Harry ReidSenator Max BaucusSenator Dianne FeinsteinSenator Barbara BoxerSenator Jack

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Action Alert! Filibusters should be for talking, not hiding

If you believe that the U.S. Senate is dysfunctional, nobody gets along, there is no cooperation, important legislation never gets approved….you’re not alone. But there is hope.  Read my op.ed below that ran in The Hill today.  It describes the Senate filibuster rules problem and what is being proposed to fix it. Then pick up

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Harry, Fix the Senate

Action Alert! Call NOW to push filibuster reform Possibly as early as today U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will make a decision that will determine if the Senate will remain a dysfunctional body that can’t address any of the nation’s problems for the next two years. Senator Reid is putting together his filibuster rules

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The 99% need help

Yesterday the Senate failed to move forward the President’s plan to invest $35 billion in the states to help keep teachers, law enforcement personnel and firefighters from being fired due to budget shortfalls.  The 60 votes were needed to keep the measure alive but all 50 of the GOP Senators voted against it. So what

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