The Tom Coburn woolly mammoth project

A soon to be released United Nations report will say that scientists have 95% certainty that humans are the principle driver of our warming planet.  Scientists aren’t arguing about whether the Earth’s atmosphere is warming.  The melting glaciers and thermometers don’t lie.  But yet all the physical signs of climate change don’t point to increases […]

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s . . . a Tax Penalty!

One of the big political stories yesterday was Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney correcting his top advisor, Eric Fehrnstrom, thus giving us the accurate description of how the individual mandate to purchase health insurance will be enforced.  Yesterday Mr. Romney called it a tax and on Monday of this week Mr. Fehrnstrom called it a penalty. 

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Off Shore Tax Haven

This morning Frank Knapp joined Sen Carl Levin in a press conference in support of the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Bob Keener617-610-6766bobkeener@businessforsharedpropsperity.org Business Leaders Join Senator Levin to Support New Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act Bill Would Close Tax Loopholes, Raise Needed Tax Revenue, Level Playing Field forBusiness, and Keep

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Voter Unrest

Today’s primary elections in several states are said to be a test of voter unrest. A large source of that unrest I discuss in my opinion editorial that ran in The Hill’s on-line version today. Contrary to what you have heard from the tea partiers this unrest has more to do with present day Main

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DONE!!! Guv’s Veto Overridden

The SC Legislature gave Governor Mark Sanford a “parting” gift—a 50-cent increase in the state’s cigarette tax.Thanks for playing, Guv. Sanford has successfully fought the tax increase for years regardless of the purpose of the tax—even when it was to help make health insurance more affordable specifically for small business. (OK, he said he would

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